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Learn about the danger of smokeless tobacco and some tips on quitting.

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Dental Health Information For Allundefined

Receive information for  non-English speaking populations with important oral health information.

Mouths in All Tongues

Oral Health Is Overall Health

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The MDS's publication Oral Health is Overall Health focuses on the importance of regular oral care and how it relates to your physical health.

Oral Health Is Overall Health
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Patient Treatment Concerns?

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If you're not satisfied or have an issue with the treatment you received from your dentist, the MDS can help. 

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Looking for MassHealth?

Utilize the MassHealth’s network to find a provider near you.

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The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) is dedicated to the continuing improvement of the oral health of the general public. The members of the MDS are committed to providing the highest-quality, compassionate oral health care that is accessible to all, and to educate the public regarding the value of oral health as it relates to total well-being.

Access to Care

Low-income families and individuals face many barriers to accessing dental care. As a result, the MDS advocates for those in need by developing innovative programs for underprivileged children, while also making known other reduced-cost dental programs throughout the state.

Oral Health Topics

Oral Health TopicsThe key to good oral health is education. From learning about children's oral health to keeping up with the latest procedures, the MDS believes it's important for you to be informed about various oral health topics. 
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Oral Health Brochures for MDS Member Dentists / Oral Health Brochures for the Public

 Review the Society's Publication "Oral Health is Overall Health"


Careers in Dentistry

Dentistry CareersDentistry is a great profession, offering everyone a career with flexibility, good earning potential, and a chance to make a difference in people's lives. Some of the career paths in dentistry include Dentists, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistants and Laboratory Technicians.
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Just for Kids

Boy brushingDesigned specifically for children, this section of the MDS site teaches kids about the importance of good oral health habits through fun activities and programs.
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