Choosing a Dentist

Finding the Dentist Who's Right For You

You should feel comfortable about going to the dentist and talking about any oral health concerns you have. To choose a dentist who’s right for you, take the time to speak with a few dentists to learn about their approach to oral care. A few words of advice:

  • Look for a dentist before you have a dental emergency.
  • Talk with several dentists before choosing one.
  • Call the Massachusetts Dental Society for referrals or search online.
  • Ask yourself whether you can establish a rapport with the dentist and whether the dentist is genuinely interested in your oral health.
Dentist on Phone

What's in a Question?

When speaking with prospective dentists, you may want to ask some of the following questions:

  • How their office handles dental emergencies
  • What their office hours are to ensure that they are compatible with your schedule
  • How they explain recommended procedures and their costs
  • Whether they provide dental health education and instruction to help prevent disease
  • Whether they belong to the Massachusetts Dental Society and other professional associations that offer continuing dental education
  • Whether they are knowledgeable about the latest dental technologies and procedures
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