MDS Foundation 2011-2012 Contributors

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the MDS Foundation. The following generous donors are helping to expand access-to-care programs.

The donor list encompasses gifts made to the 2011-2012 Annual Fund, which runs from May 1, 2011, through April 30, 2012.

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Legacy of Achievement: Donations of  $100,000 or more




Founder's Society: Donations of $25,000 - $99,999

Dr. Alan K. & Mrs. Isabelle DerKazarian

Dr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Lewin



Morton Society: Donations of $10,000 - $24,999

Named for the Massachusetts dentist who performed the first public demonstration of ether as an anesthetic in dental surgery in 1846.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Boose

Dr. Ronald M. Chaput

Dr. Randall L. Davis, PC

Dr. Charles A. Gagne

Dr. David B. Harte

Dr. Robert A. Faiella

Dr. Richard & Mrs. Kay LoGuercio

Gentle Dental Associates

  • Dr. Samuel M. Shames
  • Dr. Ronald G. Weissman


Salmon Society: Donations of $5,000 - $9,999

Named for the first President of the Massachusetts Dental Society in 1864.

Dr. John P. Fisher 

Dr. Milton A. Glicksman

Dr. Robert E. Losert

Dr. Raymond K. Martin

Dr. Nan E. Niland

Dr. John P. Pietrasik

Dr. James N. & Mrs. Mary Thiel

El-Shaddai Dental Associates 



President's Club: Donations of $2,500 - $4,999





Senate Club: Donations of $1,000 - $2,499

Dr. Winnie W. Cheung

Dr. Richard Gillis

Dr. Edward Swiderski

Berkshire District Dental Society

Metropolitan District Dental Society

North Shore District Dental Society

South Shore District Dental Society

Southeastern District Dental Society 

Valley District Dental Society

Worcester District Dental Society 



Platinum Donors: Donations of $500 - $999

Dr. Geraldine C. Garcia-Rogers

Dr. Minghao Eric Chen

Greater Boston CVB

City Dental LLC

Merrimack Valley District Dental Society


Middlesex District Dental Society  

North Metropolitan District Dental Society

Wachusett District Dental Society 



Gold Donors: Donations of $250 - $499

Dr. Alfred M. Bongiorno 

Dr. James S. Cinamon

Dr. Arthur A. Daniels, Jr. 

Dr. Edward M. D'Eramo

Dr. Badrieh M. Edalatpour

Dr. Vincent P.A. Failla

Dr. Bruce M. Field

Dr. Augustino T. Forcucci

Dr. Timothy M. Gabe

Dr. Deborah A. Himelhoch

Dr. Ashim Kapur

Dr. Robert L. Kittredge

Dr. Mary H. Kreitzer

Dr. Robert S. Lewando

Dr. Richard J. Luise

Dr. Shibly D. Malouf, Jr.

Dr. Joanne Marian

Dr. Philip L. Millstein

Dr. William B. Muldoon, Jr.

Dr. Paul S. Polo, Jr.

Dr. Tofigh Raayai

Dr. Andrea Richman

Dr. Jeffrey A. Slone

Dr. Jared W. Stubbs

Dr. Michael H. Wasserman

Dr. Edward J. Welch

Dr. Dale M. Wetmore

East Middlesex District Dental Society

Dental Learning, LLC



Silver Donors: Donations of $100 - $249

Dr. William J. Adams, Jr.

Dr. Robert W. Almeida

Dr. William M. Auffinger

Dr. Steven J. Black

Dr. Bruce P. Bolen

Dr. Joseph G. Bonkowski, Jr

Dr. Renè R. Bousquet

Dr. Barry W. Brodil

Dr. John A. Buehler

Dr. James E. Callahan

Dr. Albert Cangiano, Jr.

Dr. Dean Chang

Dr. Howard P. Cohen

Dr. Casey B. Cook

Dr. Robert G. Csillag

Dr. Warren B. Dalwin

Dr. Parviz Darviche

Dr. Robert DeFrancesco

Dr. Mark C. DerKazarian

Dr. Betsy Disharoon

Dr. Edward B. Doherty

Dr. Mark J. Doherty

Ms. Diane Dougherty

Dr. Paul D. Epstein

Dr. David J. Farrell

Dr. Arthur Fertman

Dr. John J. Fiore

Dr. Maurice J. Fitzgerald

Dr. Jonas R. Gavelis

Dr. Samuel J. Gelso, Jr.

Dr. Neela Gandhi

Dr. Bruce J. Goldman

Dr. David A. Goodman

Dr. Kevin P. Grace

Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon

Dr. Nicole J. Harrington

Dr. James J. Jervinis

Dr. Michael A. Jusseaume

Dr. Yoon H. Kang

Dr. Miltiades A. Karamechedis

Dr. Richard C. Karp

Dr. Janice T. Keefe

Dr. Rudolph L. Lantelme

Dr. David M. Leader


Dr. Sue S. Lee

Dr. Richard Lewis

Ms. Susan M. Lewinnek

Mr. David M. Marson

Dr. James M. McDonough

Dr. Adrien W. Mercier, Jr.

Dr. Robert F. Misiewicz

Dr. Leslie I. Miller

Dr. Enrique D. Muller

Dr. Rich E. Newburg

Dr. Peter C. Niarhos

Mr. David Osmond

Dr. James M. Phelan

Dr. Narcis Popita

Dr. Leonard P. Radin

Dr. Laurence Reich

Dr. Joseph A. Reidy, III

Mr. Larry S. Rosen - Rosen & Associates

Dr. Munal S. Salem

Dr. Francis X. Shea

Dr. Stephen J. Shea

Dr. Martin D. Spielmann

Dr. martin S. Spiller

Dr. Joseph A. Spinali

Dr. Douglas W. Stewart

Dr. Michael S. & Mrs. Ann Swartz

Dr. R. Carl Szarlan

Dr. Mary E. Terkoski

Dr. Martin A. Urban

Dr. Arnold D. Vetstein

Dr. Robert J. Watson

Dr. Robert B. Walsh - Pappas & Walsh, LLC

Dr. Joseph Wegiel

Dr. Deborah J. Whitman

Dr. Karl-Martin Wiklund

Dr. Carol Wilkins

Dr. Daniel D. Winkler

Dr. Raymond J. Wise

Dr. Rebecca A. Zakelj

Dr. Kenneth L. Zachmann

Dr. Richard B. Zafran

Boston University Medical Campus

Brookline Periodontal Associates 

Longwood Dental Associates 

The Olson Research Company 


Corporate Donors


Benco Dental

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Bose Corporation

Boston Scientific

Bowditch & Dewey

Champion Exposition Services

Crown Healthcare Apparel Service

Delta Dental Services of Masachusetts

Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC)

Gentle Dental Associates

Goulston & Storrs

Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Henry Schein Dental

Integrated Insurance Solutions


Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

Massachusetts Dental Society

MDSIS-Spring Insurance Services

MDS-PAC/MDS People's Committee

Oceanside Dental Studio

Patterson Dental Supply

Paul Newman Foundation

Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation

Procter & Gamble

Robert F. Stoico/FIRSTFED Foundation

Tandus Carpets


Yankee Dental Congress

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