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Updates and Programs

  •  MassHealth - Notice to Participating Dentists Who Have Not Treated Patients in Past 12 Months
  • Prescription Monitoring Information - Beginning January 1, 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Drug Control Program (DCP) began automatically enrolling dentists as participants in the online PMP. 
  • Finding Your Way Through the ACA - In 2010, President Barack Obama signed comprehensive health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—more commonly known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “ObamaCare”—into law.
  • OSHA Hazard Communication -  OSHA has made changes in the Hazard Communication Standard that requires chemical manufacturers to put standardized labels on their products and to provide standardized Safety Data Sheets (formerly called a material safety data sheet, or MSDS) to purchasers, such as dental offices.
  • HIPAA and Dental Office Compliance - New regulations were announced in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Omnibus Final Rule on January 25, 2013 by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The Final Rule modifies, strengthens, and clarifies portions of HIPAA.
  • EDIC Announces New President and CEO - Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC) Announces New President and CEO, Hope Maxwell
  • ACA Employee Notification - Beginning January 1, 2014, individuals and employees of small businesses will have access to medical coverage through a national network of insurance marketplaces.
  • Jimmy Fund Walk - Thank you to all who dontated and to all who walked on Sunday, September 8, 2013.
  • Prescription Requirement Regulations - Tamper Proof - How is it Done?
  • BORID Laser-use Policy - On April 3, 2013, the Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) adopted a policy on the use of lasers by dental auxiliaries.
  • 149th House of Delegates Photos - View photos from this event
  • NE Oral Health Summit Highlights and Video - Watch Short Video Clips from the Summit
  • MassHealth Budget Update - The state’s fiscal year 2014 budget includes $17.2 million to pay for additional restorations for adults.
  • Collaboration Initiatives -  The MDS is committed to collaborating with other organizations to help improve the overall health of the Commonwealth.
  •  Mandated Reporting Hotlines - Updated information
  • Add Your Profile Picture - Add, approve, or remove your MDS find a Dentist profile picture
  • Updated License and Regulations Page - Find more information, as well as the website, address, and phone number for each state agency.
  • Request a Personalized Membership Card - Order your personalized membership card today.
  • Members Beware - Scheduling institute using questionable tactics
  • Age One Tools -  The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) recognizes that caries risk assessment and management tools can assist dentists with decisions regarding treatment based upon caries risk and patient compliance for children of all ages.
  • Steps for Office Accountability (see additional resources) - CareCredit is the nation’s leading patient financing program.
  • Order Materials from the MDS Resource Center - A variety of MDS publications, posters, and oral health brochures that are available to MDS members.
  • Common BORID Violations and Office Checklist - A review of the minutes of recent Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) meetings has identified the most common non-clinical violations that are cited by BORID following an in-office inspection, which is usually the result of a patient complaint.
  • Boston Programming & Events -  Boston Collaborative Group meetings and sponsored events.
  • Informed Consent Form in Spanish - An informed consent form secures a written authorization reflecting understanding of and agreement with the treatment plan, and gives the dentist permission to proceed with treatment.
  • Sen. Chandler Examines Delta Regional Schedules -  Sen. Chandler recently invited Worcester-area dentists and representatives from Delta Dental to meet at her State House office. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the classification of certain communities as "rural" and thereby reimbursing dentists practicing in those communities at a reduced rate.
  • Jimmy Fund Walk for MDS Trustee  -  The Standing Committee on Women in Dentistry invites all Massachusetts Dental Society colleagues, friends, and family to join us in the Jimmy Fund Walk on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
  • Five Strategies to Increase Patients through the Internet - Officite, a leading provider of dental websites and online marketing, has been selected by the MDS as an Affinity Partner for website services.
  •   Patient X-Ray Statement - Statement from the Massachusetts Dental Society Regarding Dental X-rays
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Help - Members should be aware that currently there is NO “certified electronic health record technology” for dentistry.
  • Local Dental Research - A summary of some local dental related research being conducted by MDS members.
  •  Leadership Institute complete training video - Oral care for people with special needs
  • Pain Management CE Licensure Requirements - A licensee seeking to renew his/her license must complete CE in the specific areas every biennial renewal.
  • View the Delta Survey Video by Dr. Charlie Silvius - The MDS continues to closely monitor all developments relating to Delta Dental's new fee methodology in order to help our members better understand how it will impact their practices now and in the future.
  • Read Dr. Robert Faiella's Speech to the ADA House of Delegates - ADA First District Trustee and MDS Past President Robert Faiella, DMD, MMSc, was recently elected to the position of President-Elect of the American Dental Association.
  • Effective Interviewing Techniques - An interview starts before you even open your mouth to speak. Learn techniques for an effective interview.
  • Lowell Spinner Floss Night Pictures - The MDS recently held a Floss Night with the Lowell Spinners, the single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.
  • Long-Term Planner—Regional, National, and YDC Meetings
  • Staffing Survey - Tell us about your staffing needs.
  • Redesigned BORID Information Page - Learn about the New BORID Regulations
  • MA Residents Give High Marks to Dentists & Oral Health - A study reveals that residents of the Commonwealth not only place a high level of importance on their oral health, but also believe access to all dental services should be made available to everyone, including those covered under government assistance program.
  • Program for Community Health Center Dentists on Dealing with Medical Emergencies - Is Your Community Health Center Prepared to Manage Medical Emergencies in the Dental Clinic?
  • Economic Impact Tool - Request your  specific regions Economic Impact Tool through this form in order to analyze your delta fees. 
  • MDS Informed Consent Form  - The MDS has developed an Informed Consent for General Dental Procedures form for members to use for obtaining consent for certain dental procedures.
  • Need Help Poster (pdf) - This free poster available is our Resource Center and is put together by the Standing Committee on Abuse & Neglect.
  • Dr. Wasserman Announces Candidacy - Dr. Michael Wasserman Announces Candidacy for MDS Vice President
  • MDS Responds to State Auditor's Report - Statement by the Massachusetts Dental Society in Response to the State Auditor's Report on Medicaid Dental Spending—November 17, 2010
  • Noncovered Services Action Alert - Legislative affairs Massachusetts Alerts and important information
  • Buying and Selling a Practice Information - Buying or selling your practice is one of the most important decisions in your career. The MDS and the ADA have developed a number of resources to assist you in the process.
  • Give a Hand to Give a Smile nonprofit opportunities - The MDS is a strong advocate of volunteerism and encourages its members and others in the health community to share their time and talents with those in the community and abroad.
  • Mass. Use Tax List - Some Items used by dentist during dental treatment are subject to Massachusetts sales tax, regardless of where they are purchased.
  • Read the Legislative Blog - The Official Blog of the Massachusetts Dental Society Grassroots Advocacy Initiative
  • FAQs on Delta's New Methodologies - Many dentists have recently received information from Delta Dental regarding its new methodology for reimbursing dentists under its Premier and PPO plans. In an effort to provide further information to you as you evaluate this information, we are providing answers to some questions you may have.
  • Discounts for Members of AEDs - To assist members in complying with the new regulation, the MDS has identify companies that will offer members an AED at a reduced price.
  • Going Green - The concept of “going green” is certainly a popular topic in the world today. Despite terms like compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), energy efficient, and carbon footprint becoming more familiar to us, there is still a lot of ambiguity around what all this means, particularly as it relates to the practice of dentistry. Even so, the entire health care industry is going through a paradigm shift toward eco-friendly delivery of care.
  • Register for BORID Regulations Seminar - The seminars will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and include dinner. The seminar at MDS headquarters on November 19, 2010, will take place from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m at no charge to MDS members. The Webinar on October 22, 2010, will take place from 12:00 noon-1:30 pm.
  • MDS President Responds to New Methodologies - Representing its members, the Massachusetts Dental Society requested the Insurance Commissioner’s Office to investigate the feasibility of reducing or eliminating the 5 percent discount by Delta Dental and the methodology used to cap the maximum allowable fees.
  • MassHealth Budget Update - The state budget has been approved by the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Governor. Effective July 1, 2010, MassHealth adult dental benefits will be reduced to preventive and emergency services only (except for these members aged 21 and older who have been determined by the Department of Developmental Services to be eligible for DDS services). MassHealth will no longer pay for the following adult services;
  • MA Security Laws - March 1 is the deadline for offices to be compliant. The MA Regulations for Protection of Personal Information require all businesses to draft, implement and update a comprehensive written information security plan to protect “personal information” that businesses may have about Massachusetts residents.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - Its worth your time. As a dentist, you are a busy professional juggling a practice and family, but with all the legislative changes and insurance regulations on the the horizon, it's it critical that you have a voice in shaping the future of dentistry?
  • General Information About Water Boil - Boil water orders or advisories are public announcements advising the public that they should boil their tap water for drinking and other human consumption uses like cooking, hand washing, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Member Web site Development Program Officite, LLC, is nationally recognized for its strategic online-marketing solutions, as well as its premier Web site design and development for medical and dental practices.
  • Donate Equipment to Auxiliary Programs - As a way for the MDS to continue its support for local dental hygiene, dental assisting, and dental laboratory technology programs in the Commonwealth, the MDS is asking member dentists to consider donating used dental equipment and instruments to area schools.
  • Massachusetts Dental License Online Renewal - It is now possible to renew Massachusetts dental licenses online by going to the Board of Registration in Dentistry’s web site
  • Dr. Paula Friedman Announces Candidacy for Vice President - I am honored to be considered for the position of vice president of the Massachusetts Dental Society by my friends and colleagues throughout the state.
  • H1N1 Flu Updates - the Massachusetts Department of Public Health implemented emergency regulations to authorize the Commissioner to designate dentists and other certain health care professionals to administer the H1N1 vaccination.
  • Dentists may be permitted to administer vaccines  -  News stories on Thursday, August 13th reported on a vote by the Massachusetts Public Health Commission to allow dentists to administer flu vaccines. While this is true, the news reports were not entirely accurate.
  • MA Regulations for Protection of Personal Information - On May 1, 2009, new regulations became effective which require all businesses to draft, implement and update a comprehensive written information security plan to protect “personal information” that businesses may have about Massachusetts residents.
  • Etherington Award - The criterion for eligibility for the award is "to recognize dentists of New England who have dedicated much of their professional lives to the high ideals and objectives of organized dentistry."
  • What You Can Do About the Mall Tooth Whitening Trend - These kiosks offer to whiten one's teeth quickly and easily, for a one-time fee. However, are these kiosks safe?
  • Oral Health Policy Forum - Approximately 190 oral health care advocates and stakeholders from across the state—and a few from and the nation’s capital - attended “Putting the Mouth Back in the Body: Improving Oral Health Across the Commonwealth,” the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum’s conference on oral health, on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston.
  • Performing and interpreting diagnostic CBCT - American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology executive opinion statement on performing and interpreting diagnostic cone beam computed tomography.
  • Dental Practice Resources - The Council on Dental Practice has developed a number of career, staffing, policies, and planning resources for MDS member dentists.
  • MDS Accomplishments for 2008 - Through the hard work of its volunteer-members and its staff, the MDS was able to achieve great results on behalf of its members.
  • Member Logo and Button Usage Guidelines - The MDS will provide members with an electronic file of the logo artwork to use on your stationery, business cards, envelopes, brochures, and any other printed materials.
  • Donate Equipment to Auxiliary Programs - As a way for the MDS to continue its support for local dental hygiene, dental assisting, and dental laboratory technology programs in the Commonwealth, the MDS is asking member dentists to consider donating used dental equipment and instruments to area schools.
  • Omnibus Bill FAQs - Read the most frequently asked questions about the Omnibus Bill.
  • Call to ACTION - Learn more about the many proposals that are included in this Call to ACTION.
  • MDS Legislative Advocacy - The MDS filed an active legislative agenda in January 2009, view the complete MDS Issue Papers.
  • Attorney General Issues New Advisory on Independent Contractor Law - Read more about Independent Contract Law and view additional information on associate classifications.
  • MDS Announces Alliance with Banc of America Practice Solution - This relationship provides MDS members with access to the full suite of Practice Solutions products and services, backed with the expertise and dedication of industry leading specialists in practice financing.
  • Abuse & Neglect Reporting Forms - A Guide to Family Violence for the Dental Team.
  • New Guidelines for Preventing Infective Endocarditis - The new AHA guidelines are a significant departure from previous AHA recommendations for IE prophylaxis, which were last published in 1997.
  • Tobacco Cessation Resources - Tobacco use continues to be the leading public health problem in the United States, contributing to the largest number of preventable deaths from all causes. Learn how you can help your patients.
  • MIAA Repeals Mouthguard Mandates - On August 7, 2007, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) voted unanimously to reinstate its ruling requiring student athletes to wear mouthguards when playing soccer.
  • Bioterrorism and Disaster Preparedness - Resources that were developed by a special task force of the Board of Trustees to inform and educate members on disaster preparedness.
  • Community Water Fluoridation Resources - Stronger, healthier teeth may be as close as your kitchen sink. It is possible to prevent and even reverse dental decay and disease by drinking water that is fluoridated to optimal levels.


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