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The MDS Board of Trustees is composed of the Officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Speaker of the House, and Immediate Past President) and one Trustee from each of the 14 Massachusetts District Dental Societies. Staff is overseen by the Executive Director.


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Officers (2016-2017)

Officers of the MDS are nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected by the House of Delegates at the Annual Session.


Raymond Martin David Lustbader Howard Zolot

Raymond K. Martin, DDS  

David P. Lustbader, DMD

Vice President
Howard M. Zolot, DMD

Charles Silvius Janis Moriarty Tom Trowbridge

Speaker of the House
Charles L. Silvius, DDS

Janis C. Moriarty, DMD

Thomas A. Trowbridge, DDS, MD

Philip Howells Ed Swiderski 2015 web David B. Becker, DMD

Assistant Treasurer
Philip Howells, DDS

Immediate Past President
Edward Swiderski, DDS

David Becker, DMD

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Trustees (2016-2017)

Each District shall elect one Trustee. Trustee terms are for a period of three years. No Trustee may serve for more than a cumulative total of 8 years. 


Wise Raymond Jay Paul_Mina-web Richard Marchand

Raymond (Jay) Wise, DDS

Mina Paul, DMD

Cape Cod
Richard D. Marchand, DMD

Tofigh Raayai John Boss Neela_Gandhi

East Middlesex
Tofigh Raayai, DMD

Merrimack Valley
John Boss, DDS

Neela Gandhi, DMD

Michael Arrigo John Fisher

Mary Jane Hanlon, DMD

North Metropolitan
Michael Arrigo, DMD

North Shore
John P. Fisher, DDS 

Doherty2015 Robert Leland Maslowski

Mark Doherty, DMD

South Shore
Robert S. Leland, DMD

James E. Maslowski, DMD

Arthur_Eddy   Charles Gagne  

Arthur Eddy, DMD

Charles A. Gagne, DDS

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Guest Board Members (2016-2017)

The Guest Board Member Program was launched in February 2006 as a means to encourage the expansion of the diversity and multicultural demographics of the Board to better reflect the membership of the Society and to encourage involvement in the MDS and organized dentistry. Each governing year, four MDS members are selected to attend Board of Trustee meetings and participate in discussions in a nonvoting capacity.


Lynsey Doan Guest Board Member 2016-2017 Palayam Satish Guest Board Member 2016-2017  

 Lynsey T. Doan, DMD

 Sathish Gobichettypalayam


Marielle Johnson Guest Board Member 2016-2017

 Adam Polivy Guest Board Member 2016-2017

 Marielle J. Johnson, DMD Adam C. Polivy, DMD  
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Senior Staff

Below is a list of senior staff members. A full staff list by department is found in the member-only area of the site.


Bob Boose 2013
Robert E. Boose, EdD
Executive Director

Kathleen M. Boyce, CPA
Chief Financial Officer • Chief Operating Officer
Scott Davis
Scott G. Davis
Chief Communications Officer
Maryellen Geurtsen 10
Maryellen Geurtsen
Director, Yankee Operations
Marc Kaplan 2
Marc Kaplan, CAE
Director, Membership
Ellen Factor
Ellen Factor
Director, Dental Practice Services
Alisa Ufland
Alisa Ufland
Director of Marketing 
McCarthy Shannon 2010
Shannon McCarthy
Director, Sales and Business Development
Dorrey Powers

Director, Continuing Education
Melissa Carman
Melissa Carman
Director of Publications
Jesse Mirenda 10 
Jesse Mirenda
Director, Information Technology Services




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