Age-One Tools

Caries Management Risk Assessment

The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) recognizes that caries risk assessment and management tools can assist dentists with decisions regarding treatment based upon caries risk and patient compliance for children of all ages. There are several biological predisposing factors and social indicators that can help evaluate anticipated risk.

Risk varies by patient and evaluating risk is an important aspect in dental care management and treatment. 

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Risk Assessment Tools

These tools are designed to aid in the implementation of oral health risk assessment during dental exam. These forms allow you to identify factors that might increase a patient's risk for cavities and other oral health problems. These forms can be shared with medical colleagues to help improve a patient's overall health. Review these sample forms and then download and print the ones that work best with your patients.

Risk Assessment Sample Forms
  • Caries Management by Risk Assessment Form (CAMBRA)  (children ages 0-5)This methodology treats dental caries as an infectious disease that is curable and preventable, and employs risk assessment techniques. The risk assessment and the weight of the entire disease process, not just the cavitated stage of lesion, make CAMBRA different from the traditional restorative approach in treating dental caries and dental decay.
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Tools For Parents/Caretakers

As a dentist, you are in a unique position to provide education and guidance on oral health to parents and caretakers. The following forms will help you provide clear communication to parents and caretakers.


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