Membership for Allied Dental Health Professionals (ADHP)

Join with more than 5,000 dental professionals and enjoy the benefits of membership!


Discounts on Continuing Education (CE)

Receive discounts on continuing education courses sponsored by the MDS (excluding the Yankee Dental Congress). Discounts are available through a wide variety of courses offered by the MDS, including radiographic interpretation, DANB preparation, non-surgical periodontics, OSHA, and oral cancer screening.



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Professional Newsletter

As MDS members, you automatically receive a copy of "Membership Matters", the Society's e-newsletter. The weekly e-newsletter is chock-full of pertinent news and information on the profession, regulatory updates, and membership benefits.


ADHP Newsletter

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Access to Quality, Low-Cost Insurance

In today’s environment, special discounts are typically reserved for groups.  Join and access the benefits that more than 5,000 dental professionals already receive.  You can receive up to 10% off auto insurance and a number of other money-saving discounts on personal and travel insurances with the Society’s insurance agencies, Eastern Dental Insurance Agency (EDIA) and the Massachusetts Dental Society Insurance Services, Inc. (MDSIS).


ADHP Insurance

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Financial Services

Utilize the Society’s Eastern Dental Financial Services (EDFS) to assist you in managing your retirement or savings accounts.  EDFS staff members are professional managers dedicated to assisting professionals in the dental field and providing personal service


ADHP Financial

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Special Discounts

Access special programs and savings only available to members on items such as credit cards, and career services.


ADHP Discounts

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Regulatory Assistance and Members-Only Web Site

Get answers to the questions that you need answered today!  The MDS staff is knowledgeable in all areas of the profession, including licensure, HIPAA, OSHA, office procedures, and practice standards.  MDS staff members are available for members every day by phone or email.  Also, access the MDS Web site to get critical practice updates, access classified ads, and review the MDS News or Journal.


ADHP Assistance

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MDS Public Relations Campaigns

Smokeless TobaccoTips on Spit Logo

Learn about the danger of smokeless tobacco and some tips on quitting.

Tips on Spit


Dental Health Information For Allundefined

Receive information for  non-English speaking populations with important oral health information.

Mouths in All Tongues

Oral Health Is Overall Health

oral health web

The MDS's publication Oral Health is Overall Health focuses on the importance of regular oral care and how it relates to your physical health.

Oral Health Is Overall Health
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