Team Smile

TeamSmile and the MDS Foundation teamed up at Yankee Dental Congress 2016 to provide more than $82,000 of dental care to 163 Boston children. Elementary students from Dorchester and Roxbury schools and after-school programs received comprehensive oral health education, exams, X-rays, sealants, and fillings over the two-day program. Care was provided by nearly 400 clinical volunteers, including dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. A team of non-clinical staff kept the program areas flowing efficiently and entertained the children between treatments and exams. 

The bustling clinic was staged on the Yankee Exhibit Hall floor and featured a triage area, oral health education space, 12 chairs, a sterilization area, four X-ray machines, 10 prophy stations, and four sealant stations. Participating volunteers came from all across the state from private practices, dental schools, and community health centers. 

"We had an overwhelming interest in this program," said Dr. Jolanta Macdonald, TeamSmile clinic director. "At first, we weren't sure if recruiting hundreds of volunteers would be possible in the time we had to do it, but we found that people were excited to enrich their Yankee experience by helping kids."   
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Access to Care Grant Application Process

The deadline to apply for an Access to Care grant is September 1 of each year. A properly completed grant application, including all required documents, must be postmarked on or before September 1. Two complete copies of the application must be included. Funding decisions will be announced in December, and funding is for a one year only. Multi-year projects must reapply each year.

The MDS Foundation Grant Review Committee will evaluate all proposals and make recommendations for funding to the MDS Foundation Board of Directors.
Considerations for grant approvals include:

  • Originality, creativity, and innovation
  • History of, or potential for, continuous program operations
  • Community involvement and collaboration, including volunteer support
  • Potential impact on the target community or audience

Established matching funds and/or long-term funding relationships
The MDS Foundation may change these guidelines or make grants that do not fall within the range of these guidelines at its discretion.